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  • Improve your software product quality

  • The digitization of business has created an increasing reliance on software for internal and customer facing activities. This in turn has increased the focus on software testing within the software development life cycle. This is leading to increasing costs in terms of time, money and human resources. Software Testing is MUST in the light of large amount of business critical applications being failed during implementation and usage. Software Testing is imperative in order to ensure the software is bug-free, fragile and secure in the complex web-environment.

    Evangelsoft with its decade of software product development experience in the healthcare industry, has rich experience in Manual Testing and Automation Tools with an objective of reducing your in-house cost of testing which otherwise being loaded onto your customers making your application expensive and unaffordable for your clientele.

    Evangelsoft looks at Application Testing more innovatively and holistically. Instead of testing for quality at the end, we focus on it throughout the application development life cycle. We conduct quality assurance activities in each phase of the application development life cycle—from plan, analyze and design to build, test and deploy.

    Consulting with Evangelsoft helps clients leverage upon our experience in testing business applications on a range of platforms and technologies. We provide skilled resources for testing services in the focused domains, while supporting technologies such as .NET, J2EE, and Open Source. Our resources helps organizations improve software product quality through manual as well as automate test cases using industry standard software testing tools that are best suited for the product and which significantly reduce testing cycle time.