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  • Services adaptable to the changing technology

  • Evangelsoft offers Networking and Infrastructure services which include the enterprise networking and infrastructure planning, design, implementation and maintenance. We provide the best in class support services which are adaptable to the changing technology.

    We offer full range of network services from evaluation and audit to management, firewalls and VPNs. Our services include networking products, setup service and maintenance and we provide services to small, medium and large scale business. Based on the business requirements, we determine and estimate the type of network, cabling, switches, routers, gateways, etc which is followed by design and installation. We also provide complete LAN/WAN solutions and network security services.

    Our services will organize the workplace to have a high-speed and efficient local network that will improve the revenue, productivity and operating margins.

    A robust IT infrastructure enables organizations in efficient delivery of services and improves overall business performance. Evangelsoft provides personal computers, servers, printers, scanners, computer stationary and other computer peripherals to its customers. Our service incorporates server maintenance and up gradation, network reinstallation, storage of current network, equipment repairs or replacements and maintaining the optimal operation and performance of the IT infrastructure. Our services are flexible and allow integration with the existing resources.