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  • Relax with a Hassle free paperless office

  • Evangelsoft provides Document Management Services for organizations to maintain a complete paperless office. The service provides flexible scanning, indexing and allows document archiving for easy retrieval and access.

    The Document Management Service allows structural arrangement of both paper and electronic documents (word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook etc). The scanned paper records are converted into PDF format such that no tampering/alteration can be made. A unique ID number is generated for all the scanned files and electronic documents such that the information can be easily found and retrieved through the well indexed document storage system.

    Evangelsoft also provides additional value added services like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Data Entry in accordance with the specific customer requirements. In the OCR technology, the scanned images are automatically converted to text, indexed and saved as PDF file. The content of each scanned document is stored in a searchable form such that the user can search for a particular file easily. This methodology will help in better Document Management, reducing workload and expeditious retrieval of desired record. It also enables smooth functioning of the business and assists the customers to make better decisions.