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  • Integrated Software Solutions for Efficient Business Process Management

  • As defined by American Inventory and Production Control System (APICS) dictionary: “Enterprise Resource Planning: An accounting oriented information system for identifying and planning the enterprise-wide resources to make, ship and account for customer orders.” Basically, an ERP combines several traditional management functions into a logical integrated system and facilitate flow of information across these functions. It is designed to model and automate basic processes across the organization over a centralized database and eliminates the need of disparate systems maintained by various units of the organization.

    Evangelsoft with its vast experience in implementing Enterprise Healthcare solutions, expands its horizon in the field of Business Process Automation by offering the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation services for Small and Medium Enterprises in Process and Discrete Manufacturing and customer support industry. Evangelsoft implements Enterprise Resource Planning Software to achieve the following key objectives:

    Business Process Integration & improved data accuracy
    Planning & MIS
    Improved efficiency and productivity
    Establishment of Standard Operating Procedures